Why Travel Specialists Should Use Technology to Automate Their Back-office

With regards to execution, back-office operations are an essential part associated with a organization. Travel specialists are frequently seen balancing and memorizing the clients and also the revenues within the month. For travel specialists and agencies, identifying and removing manual activities really are a challenging task because of the nature of well integrated processes behind finish. Hence, this involves identification of those manual activities in the beginning.

Here are a couple of manual activities that agents encounter as part of the work they do routine that may be substituted with automation at back finish offices:

1) Accounting and Reporting

Since allocating revenues via account is really a comparatively simpler, still it shines from costs. Why costs? Since it is hard to calculate the price of sales for a number of accounts based upon the efforts. Consider discovering the amount of hrs committed to the account each month after which recording it in spreadsheets. What about reporting exact cost and analyzing the profitability of person accounts? By hand tracking payments, commissions and booking revenue is really a complex and time intensive task that’s vulnerable to errors. Hence, utilizing an effective Travel Agent Software for on-time reporting and calculating costs with little manpower/manual work could be a good decision. Here, using technology will lessen the manpower needed as well as the manual errors.

2) Business Intelligence related Travel Account Services

Supplying progressive travel pattern reports, travel policy compliances, etc., can increase the travel agents’ business value but, it surely involves lots of manual work. This boosts the work expense to cause the minor stage of poor competitiveness, therefore resulting in lack of revenue. Hence, automation from the back finish office is essential to lessen lower the work cost and enhancing productivity, reducing time consumption through its integrated applications.

3) Business Rules and Revenue Management

Travel Agencies use an array of customers, agents and suppliers. They vary when it comes to type, location, size, booking etc and wish separate business rules, for example markups and margins according to predefined criteria for effective revenue management. Traditional processes demand the manual use of these business rules for every transaction as well as on multiple entities.

Let us if you have different markups for flights and hotels and you then have a payment method for sub-agents in line with the quantity of bookings they create. Any time you or perhaps your sub-agent constitutes a booking, you have to by hand use the relevant markup based on it could be a flight booking, expensive hotels booking or perhaps a vehicle booking. You’ll should also calculate the commissions you have to pay your sub-agent, according to their class. Should you choose b2c you might even need to apply yet another markup in line with the customer class.

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